Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Before and After Pictures of the Walnut

Last Sunday it was warmer than it has been and the perfect time for a continuation of the back yard improvement project. Here are a few before and after pictures which really show how much work has been done on the house overall. I live here and I can hardly believe it when I look at the pictures!
The front of the house before we bought it, note the giant box woods!
The front of the house now from the same angle. Still needs some landscaping and a paint job, but looking much better!
This was the old back deck!
The new deck that Erik  (Lookabill General Contracting) built this winter, it is much bigger and wraps over where the old bike shed used to be.
The old bike shed and the over-grown pear tree. We recycled most of this bike shed into the new beautiful one!
Erik's design for this shed is amazing. It holds all our bikes, garden tools, and miscellaneous things I don't want in the house! The clear corrugated plastic roof makes it double as a green house!
This picture show how large our Doug Fir tree really is! It is full of raccoons and squirrels!

The Pear tree was a wild thing!
The new patio and fire pit, there is also a flower bed and strawberry patch now at the bottom of the Pear tree, and Erik pruned it! We are anticipating a good crop this year!
The end of the back yard by the alley, clean-up had already started at this point but it was just as overgrown as the rest!
How the back yard looks now, new bike shed, pruned Cherry trees, new grass and a new fence.